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    hooligan wrote:
    Out of interest I loaded DeliTracker.. MAAAAAAN that app looks even uglier now than it did a decade back :-)

    Deli and Eagle always looked like butt, especially as soon as people switched to 4:3 resolutions and thickened window borders to make up for it.

    Hippo also looked like butt, but man, was it ever the best UI for mod players ever made. Got 5000 mods? No problem, didn't even slow down. I really missed HiP when I moved to MorphOS. Deli and Eagle, meh, not so much.

    But as far as I remember, even the mere act of playing a ProTracker/whatevertracker module required banging the custom hardware, and it was only much later that code was developed to do it system-friendly. Could be wrong.
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