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    CryzleR a écrit :

    Papiosaur wrote:
    Hi CryzleR,

    the new version of Chrysalis pack arrives soon :-) Thanks for your interest about it.

    I would like to integrate the software Easy2Install into it to have possibility to update software installed on it. Now Easy2Install work better than first betas... so it will be integrated into the new version of Chrysalis pack. I will try to release it for this week-end (or next) with the next beta of Easy2Install integrated and the paths configured for all software installed in the package.


    any news about this?

    Best regards,

    Hi Cryzler,

    the pack is finalized, Easy2Install is ready now, i must integrate it into the pack and configure the good destination path for each category now specific to the pack.

    For example:
    Audio -> Sys:Applications_ext/Audio/

    I think i could send you a link to download the Chrysalis pack for MorphOS 3.18 next week ;-)

    Sorry for the wait and thanks for your patience.
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