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    Andreas_Wolf schrieb:
    >> using file image control to insert a media first

    > I try to format it with the Morphos tools, but they seem to work only
    > for connected Harddrives, the is no way to format "hardfiles", I think?


    Oh well... I think I forgot to "insert media" first ;)

    But here is the thing:

    Like I stated before, going with "HardDisk Folders" instead of hard files can give some trouble.
    I tried to install some Amiga programs into such a folder and the installer gave me errors after
    installing a few part of the whole program. Tried with another prog and it aborts install as well.

    If I install the same progs onto my Hardfile HDF it all works perfectly!

    SO - I think there is a problem with UAE-configuration or my Morphos Harddrive (it is a 8GB PATA SSD) has issues.

    I hope I can setup a folder to transfer things backĀ“nĀ“forth between MorphOS and AmigaOS.
    If I go with the Syntax Amigaharry2 provided, folders get not even mounted.
    I need to add a few things to the config to make them even show up on Amiga WB.

    Anyway - I have two working HDFs now, that will be enough for what I need.

    One thing I noticed, in UAE the Command Keys do not function as Amiga Keys. I remember they work
    within Fs-Uae on my MacBook out of the box - so maybe I need to add something to E-UAE config
    to make the CMD Keys behave like Amiga Keys?

    12" ibook G4 1.33Ghz, 1.5GB RAM, ATI 9550 32MB, 16GB SSD, WiFi, BT, ComboDrive
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