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    Amigaharry2 wrote:
    I'm not so sure that speed is only a net-device problem. When Wayfarer does internal work and uses CPU to 100% (which is often the case and takes sometimes up to 1 min) there is no activity on network (or device?) during this time......

    What happens on an AmigaOS-like scheduler when something takes up the CPU time in the foreground, is that the background tasks are neglected. Network connections will time out and all sorts of stuff. Linux doesn't need to worry about that as it's designed from absolute core to be a server OS.

    Piru completely overhauled MorphOS memory handling for Wayfarer, which was just insufficient before. Intuition and MUI too, possibly. Now it's becoming obvious scheduler and network stack need updated too.

    Are we all beginning to understand what processes drove the development of other operating systems to be "bloat" yet? :-)

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