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    redrumloa wrote:

    1) What is faster, using a hard file or using a real dedicated hard drive?

    Hardfile is faster. WinUAE's native file-handling is weird and inefficient, and NTFS (or FAT) is just not designed to handle files the size of Amiga ones any more, which makes it even worse. And even worse still, the Windows MFT would end up much bigger and fragmented and slower to access than ever.

    Also, you'd regret not using one every time you spyware scanned, virus scanned or defragged your hard drive, or you made a backup, because all those little files would make it last ten times longer.

    Use hardfile.


    2) For configuring a fastest big box experience in WinUAE, would selecting an 040 or 060 be the better bet? I guess this is a matter of opinion, just curious thoughts.

    Makes no difference to the speed of emulation. 060 optimised instructions took advantage of 060 specific features; they do nothing in a JIT.
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