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    @ Papiosaur Yannick - I contacted rms - Christoph Poelzl via his email a week or so ago, and I have still not heard back from him about the issue I mentioned to him, which is an issue with PageStream that he may have also come across, which I also mentioned to Deron and Frank Mariak at the same time, but I believe the issue is still being investigated - which is one of those issues I mentioned in Comment #25 of this thread. 8-)

    So, if he was to reply to me soon then I would also ask him about the Toolbar and Toolbox icon set he has obviously got somewhere with. :-)

    @ Yannick - would you say the icon set of PageStream that you saw at MicroAlchimie for the Toolbar and Toolbox looked a lot more professional than the current icon set (more like Adobe InDesign's icons) for the purposes of upgrading PageStream v5.1.2, as the original v5.1.2 icon set is only slightly better than B&W (monochrome) and only just slightly improved from v4? :-?
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