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    It seems to be more likely that the MUI Preferences option"Enhanced Display" is a cause for MorphOS"freezing" rather than my initial suspicion of the "Embedded Menu Bar" option.

    There are also issues with using the "PasteBoard" (Bleed area) - which is the area surrounding (all 4 sides) of the page area. This area is intended to be used as a temporary area for images, text, etc., that may be used later in a document, but is kept out of the way while laying out other text and objects as a temporary storage measure.

    Text that is typed that 'runs-off' the page that leads into the "Pasteboard" area gets rendered incorrectly which is more apparent if you zoom in/magnify in on that text, as it sometimes displays 'phantom' text over the text you have typed, sometimes running overlaid over the text you have just typed, (but that typed text is not really there), it is just PageStream misbehaving. Or you can get text that is larger, in increments as you increase the page magnification, above where you have already typed text, with both, or more 'phantom' text(s) shown if you zoom in on more than once or multiple times on that original text.

    A similar issue is encountered if you use the "Transform" option of PageStream to create a text or object effect, as the repeat effects can suddenly seem to disappear entirely off the edge of the page, and if you zoom as far out as you can - 1% magnification, you may see a multitude of objects scattered about the Pasteboard area. This does not always happen, but I have encountered this issue a few times and have reported it to the developers, but have not heard back as yet as to their findings/fix.

    I am just keeping other users on M-Zone aware of what I have encountered with PageStream that is not normal. 8-)
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