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    NewSense a écrit :
    @ Papiosaur - is that the icon set for the Toolbar that rms - Christoph Poelzl has reputedly been working on, and gave the demonstration of @ MicroAlchimie? :-? 8-D

    I haven't seen it as yet, though I would like Christoph to display it so we PageStream users can see the result of his efforts, and so Bill (discreetfx) can know if he needs to spend time either improving or totally re-working the Toolbar and Toolbox as he has so kindly offered to do already. 8-D

    Yes, that's it :-)

    Maybe you and discretfx could contact rms about his work on PageStream and you could help to do others skins ?

    Perso, i have contacted Deron about french translation of PageStream but no answer for the moment...
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