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    The reason I have not reported more about my X1000, is because I have only been able to use it for two very short periods of time, due to my back condition currently preventing me from sitting in a chair at a desk. I have been confined to my bed about 95% of the time for the past few months and my condition has worsened considerably after my last test 3 weeks ago.

    I can answer the following questions:


    What apps did you get with?

    I have not had a chance to look through everything yet, but it appears that the installation does not have too many third party software packages installed. It has 2 or 3 web browsers, including OWB (not the MUI version) and IBrowse, plus it might have another one, Net-something, I can't remember the name. It has several utilities, including DOpus (version 4 I think) and my favorite file manager from when I was using my original Amigas over 20 years ago, DiskMaster2! Like I said, I have used it so little so far, I have not had time to look through all of the directories to see everything that is pre-installed yet.


    Are you on the Internet with it yet?

    Yes, I was on the Internet within minutes of turning it on. IIRC, All I needed to do was plug in the Ethernet cable and start any of the provided web browsers. If any configuration is required, AmigaKit must have done it before they shipped the X1000 to me.


    How's the responsiveness? Those specs should make it super-fast but there's obviously more to user experience than that. How's the stability?

    It is very responsive, but then I have not yet run anything that would be considered a demanding application, other than the beta version of Timberwolf, that I downloaded and installed, to test out the latest version of it. Timberwolf has a problem with my keyboard that I need to work out, as the keymap appears to be mixed up only when running Timberwolf. All of the vowels I type are displayed with accents above them, which screws up entries into the URL and search fields and makes it impossible to really test, until I figure out what is wrong.

    I have also downloaded and installed the MUI version of OWB, but not done much else in the few minutes that I have forced myself to sit at my desk (which I then pay for with increased pain for several hours). I would guess that I have less than 2 hours total time so far in front of my X1000, over a three day period of time.

    Hopefully I will get some better pain relief tomorrow, when I go to see my primary doctor. Already switched to pure Morphine tablet (time released) last week, instead of Morphine/Acetamenaphen combination that I was on previously. I will be asking for the addition of Neurontin and possibly another pain medication tomorrow, to increase the effectiveness of the time released tablets for more immediate relief of pain to get me over the edge periodically, and allow the time released medication to provide the needed relief the rest of the time. Being unable to sit up or stand up for more than 10 minutes at a time, or a total of less than 40 to 60 minutes per day, is driving me insane. It is like being in prison, but the prison is my own body.

    This may explain why my favorite movie is Avatar! 8-)

    Edit: Also should explain why I am so desperate to get wireless networking to work on my G4 PowerBook, so I can run MorphOS3.0 beta, instead of using MacOSX all the time, while I am trapped in this bed. (I can run two Mac computers with MacOSX on one sharing it's Internet connection of Airport origin, with my G4 PowerBook running MorphOS3.0 beta and an Ethernet cable between them, but I hate running two computers and wasting electricity that way, just so I can use MorphOS3.0 beta, when I know that there is a solution that is being used by a few, if not all, of the MorphOS Developers, on their own G4 PowerBooks. I already bothered some of them more than I wanted to to obtain the needed files to get wireless networking setup on my G4 PowerBook, but have been unsuccessful in getting it to work, so now I am just waiting like the rest of you for the official release of MorphOS3.0, and hoping that it will include a working and stable version of the wireless networking for the already announced wireless CardBus NIC's.

    Don't take this as a complaint, I am waiting patiently for the official 3.0 release. I just wanted to explain why it is so important to me, and why I pushed so hard earlier, when I was trying to obtain the files needed to make it work, even though the Dev. Team was not done working on them. It will be done, when it is done and when it is right. That is the strength of the MorphOS Dev. Team and their excellent track record of releasing very stable versions of MorphOS, as each version is finished and released. I can't blame them for that policy and give them great credit for always sticking to those high standards of excellence.

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