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    I am a little surprised that Trevor made that remark, but can't blame him too much, since he was trying to market his own product. Knowing what I do of him, the "ghetto" remark seems a little strange, as I know how much he enjoys using his own MorphOS system(s). He might have an aversion to Apple products, like a few other long time Amiga users, who knows?

    I also agree that the users who had grand expectations of the performance that they thought the X1000 was going to provide, would now be very loud and active on the forums, if the performance numbers were closer to their unrealistic expectations, but it is only a handful that were making those unrealistic predictions and I think that all of them were people that had nothing to do with the actual design, or marketing of the X1000.

    I take such wild predictions with more than a "grain of salt" and mostly ignore them anyway. But I get your point. That does not mean that it is okay to act just as foolishly in the opposite direction, by making such a big deal with benchmark results. Doing that (specially in the wrong way, or with the wrong tone and added insults), does not help the MorphOS cause in gaining any new users, and in my opinion, it hurts our cause a lot, and keeps many potential users from giving MorphOS a chance and taking a good objective look at it.
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