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    I know that a lot of MorphOS users want to see comparisons of the X1000 running Linux against my dual 2.7GHz G5 running the same Linux and the same tests, benchmarks, or applications, or even comparing the X1000 against 1.6GHz, 1.8GHz & 2.0GHz G4 PowerMac's running the same Linux distro, so they will have more ammunition to debunk the few OS4 users who foolishly stated in the past that the X1000 with it's PA6T was going to "wipe the floor" with any used Mac G4, or G5 hardware.

    Hoping for those tests and benchmarks to be shown that clearly show that the G5 is superior to the PA6T, just to throw it back into the faces of most OS4.x users, is just a waste of time in my mind, and I have no interest is such comparisons.

    You know if the X1000 performed as originally hyped, the OS4 crowd would be crowing how superior it is to "ghetto hardware" Power Mac. It was Trevor himself who made the ghetto hardware remark.
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