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    Try to imagine the force necessary to bend a drive cage that has a heavy rolled edge, simply with the G force created on the internal hard drive, when this package was dropped (or more likely thrown) to the ground.

    Amigadave, I've received heavily-damaged packages before, in one case so heavily damaged that I momentarily suspected malice, like bored workers playing kick the can with the package and laughing it up while the contents shattered more and more, but I decided it was probably the sorting machines malfunctioning, and maybe that's what happened to your shipment too. Too bad about the case, the X1000 has a distinctive one. Darth Vader.

    I am not that interested in benchmarks, but I wish you'd tell us just what you are able to do with the X1000. So far in that regard that I can tell you've said little more than "my initial impression is a good one." What apps did you get with? Are you on the Internet with it yet? How's the responsiveness? Those specs should make it super-fast but there's obviously more to user experience than that. How's the stability?

    I think most MorphOS users by now regard OS4 as a sister OS, as I do. It's not a zero-sum game as far as user base numbers are concerned. If OS4 or AROS or some other Amiga-like system does better, MorphOS benefits indirectly I think, and vice versa. A rising tide lifts all boats. Gotta give props especially to these A-EON guys. New hardware! I said the same about the SAM systems. Man, the OS4 authors have to keep up with a lot of systems now, I had forgotten there're a Pegasos 2 version and PPC-accelerated classic Amiga versions.
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