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    For someone who has previously complained about the price to register MorphOS2.x and who apparently still has not done so for the 1.5GHz G4 MDD PowerMac in your signature here, I seriously doubt you will be interested in paying the $3,000+/- U.S. dollars it takes to purchase an AmigaOne X1000 computer system from AmigaKit. People concerned about price vs performance numbers are not likely candidates to purchase an X1000 either. People that prefer MorphOS over OS4.x probably won't want to spend that much money for a computer that is designed and manufactured primarily for only one purpose and that purpose is to run OS4.x.

    I have no idea of what the price will be for the next production run of X1000's or when they will be offered for sale. The "First Contact" X1000 production run was sold out in less than 36 hours from the time it was announced that they were accepting pre-orders for them.

    When AmigaKit and A-Eon are ready to produce another run of X1000's, they will announce how and where you can submit your interest in buying one. Last time, for the "First Contact" X1000's, there was a separate webpage for this purpose and the X1000 was not listed for sale on the regular AmigaKit Store website. They might do the same thing again with the next production run, who knows?

    It is also not known how many people tried to purchase one of the "First Contact" X1000 systems that were not successful in getting their orders in during those first 36 hours, or less (except to AmigaKit, who received the orders), so it is hard to gauge how fast the second X1000 production run for public sale will sell out when it is announced, or if it will sell out? If anyone is serious about getting an X1000, I would suggest that you get your order in to AmigaKit as quickly as possible, after the next announcement is made saying that they are again available for sale.

    I doubt many people here on this forum will be ordering an X1000 though. (which is understandable)
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