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    I think Trevor Dickinson is working on a document that explains how to set up the X1000's boot loader with OS4.x and Debian Squeeze.

    Since I have not used Linux too much, and I am not real experienced with tweaking different boot loading mechanisms, I will probably wait for this document to be released, before I try to install Debian Squeeze on my X1000. There will probably be lots of other owners of the X1000 that will post information & YouTube videos of their X1000's running Linux, before I do.

    I will probably install Debian Squeeze just to see what it is like, but I already have a PPC Ubuntu for my G4 MorphOS computers and even have it installed on my dual 2.7GHz G5 PowerMac, so I am not that interested in running it on my X1000.

    I know that a lot of MorphOS users want to see comparisons of the X1000 running Linux against my dual 2.7GHz G5 running the same Linux and the same tests, benchmarks, or applications, or even comparing the X1000 against 1.6GHz, 1.8GHz & 2.0GHz G4 PowerMac's running the same Linux distro, so they will have more ammunition to debunk the few OS4 users who foolishly stated in the past that the X1000 with it's PA6T was going to "wipe the floor" with any used Mac G4, or G5 hardware.

    Hoping for those tests and benchmarks to be shown that clearly show that the G5 is superior to the PA6T, just to throw it back into the faces of most OS4.x users, is just a waste of time in my mind, and I have no interest is such comparisons. I already know that MorphOS more efficient than OS4.x in most ways. Comparing the X1000's PA6T against any G5 system is useless, specially when we don't know if the MorphOS Dev. Team is ever going to support any G5 Mac models.

    If it would make any difference to the MorphOS Dev. Team in making up their minds about supporting the G5 PowerMac, if myself (or other owners of X1000's) were to provide benchmarks and test results of the X1000 compared to any G5 PowerMac, then I would provide some immediately, but I don't think that is going to have any effect on their decision to support the G5's or not.

    None of us know what the MorphOS Dev. Team is thinking when it comes to support for any of the G5's, but I am pretty sure they are not thinking about it too much until all the work on the G4 PowerBook's is finished.

    In my opinion, the number one concern for the MorphOS Dev. Team is how they can get more users and specially more developers to write software for, or port existing software to, the MorphOS platform. We already have a lot of good (used) hardware to run MorphOS on now and support for the G4 PowerBook will be the icing on top of the cake when it is finished. They have done a good job so far and by improving the MorphOS SDK, they have already taken a step in the right direction toward making things easier for developers to write code for, or port code to MorphOS. There was a hint from Fab at one of the shows in Europe somewhere that when MorphOS3.0 is released, there will be a price reduction for new registrations for all models except the G4 PowerBook's (hope I got that right). That will be a second step toward hopefully enticing a few more users to register their MorphOS compatible G4 Mac computers, in addition to the many users that will jump on board by registering G4 PowerBook's, so they can enjoy the first portable MorphOS computer.

    In truth, I can't find any faults in 99.9% of the decisions that the MorphOS Dev. Team has made over the last several years. They have followed a very good roadmap and made the right choices for years now, so I expect that they will continue to do more of the same. I can't say that I am equally impressed by the decisions that the OS4.x developers have made, but they are making some progress and OS4.x is better than it was a few years ago. The 0.1% that I might disagree with the MorphOS Dev. Team is that maybe they have not done all they could have done to promote MorphOS to more potential users in a friendly way that might have gotten them some more users, but that is highly subjective, and I am not sure exactly what they could have done, or should have done that would have yielded better results, so I am in no position to criticize them and just wish that we had more users and developers.

    The hardware choices are the most obvious differences between both groups and the MorphOS Dev. Team definitely made the better of choices in that area. Due to MorphOS having the earlier start and many of the key people behind most of the best components of AmigaOS3.x, like CyberGraphX and other parts, it has always had, and should continue to have an edge in many areas over OS4.x. But, still OS4.x continues to maintain a user base that supports them (no matter the cost, or the advantages that MorphOS might have) and the numbers of users for either camp are probably not significantly different for either group. They both probably have between 700 to 1500 users (each), which is dangerously small to sustain a platform, but both appear to be growing slowly at this moment in time, which is better than shrinking.

    Sorry for going off on a tangent. It seems that I can't stop myself when ever there is an opportunity to repeat my ideas that OS4 bashing only hurts our chances of getting more MorphOS users. I wish more MorphOS users would understand that fact and think about what they are doing before posting certain messages. Former and current AmigaOS3.x AND a fraction of the current OS4.x users are our best potential source of new MorphOS users, so trashing OS4 in public forums only makes MorphOS and it's users look bad and turns off many potential new MorphOS users (and developers that I have communicated with) from even looking at MorphOS as a possible choice that they would use, or develop for.

    I want to see MorphOS succeed and grow as much as anyone else, but I don't believe that discrediting OS4.x will ever have a positive effect toward gaining more MorphOS users, unless it is done in the most sensitive and non-offensive way possible. Everything else posted against OS4.x that is offensive, or insulting, even though it also presents objective facts showing advantages of MorphOS over OS4.x, actually hurts MorphOS more than it hurts OS4.x. I wish the few MorphOS users that enjoy posting messages that belittle OS4 and it's users could understand that concept.

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