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    I agree with pampers, we need to concentrate more on getting software written and worry less about what will be the next hardware to be ported to by the MorphOS Dev. Team.


    They have given us a better SDK not that long ago and they will likely continue to improve the tools for writing software for MorphOS.

    A very good point.


    Like everyone else I remain very curious about 3.0 and what it will entail. I have heard about the minor improvements, the PowerBook support at a fairly complete level, possible file system improvements, Grunch package manager, and perhaps new or improved 3rd party video support at the accelerated 2d/3d level. So more hardware, more good core features, and the important minor improvements that will make the whole OS better. I was ready to pull the trigger on an MDD or FW800 machine but think I will wait to learn more about the Powerbook support when 3.0 comes out. Laptop support is huge for me due to my mobility. Despite lack of certain 'nice to have' applications, in practice a Morph3 Laptop would actually handle 75% of my personal computing tasks in a high quality fashion. My actual day to day tasks are not real dramatic in nature.
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