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    Fab Alchimie video show that the Morphos Team plan first to migrate to 64bit via a VM. The G5 might have been used as a proof of concept...
    Then they'll move to X86-64 or ARM, knowing that their ressources are not unlimited they should focus on that instead of a G5 port. But of course it's their call.


    I could be completely wrong, but I think getting MorphOS ported to the G5 will be hundreds of times easier than switching to x86 and/or ARM. Optimizing MorphOS to take advantage of the differences between the G4 and the G5 will take more work, but still far less than the switch to any different architecture. I still think supporting the G5 should be completed after support for the G4 PowerBook's is finished and optimized, and before trying to move to x86, or ARM. G5 PowerMac's and iMac's continue to go down in price and for MorphOS use provide terrific price to performance ratio.

    Of course I am biased because I already own my dual 2.7GHz G5 PowerMac and love it. I have not booted by quad core 3.0GHz Windows PC since October of last year and now use my G4 & G5 Mac's for everything, with MacOSX, or MorphOS.
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