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    Fab Alchimie video show that the Morphos Team plan first to migrate to 64bit via a VM. The G5 might have been used as a proof of concept...
    Then they'll move to X86-64 or ARM, knowing that their ressources are not unlimited they should focus on that instead of a G5 port. But of course it's their call.

    Kamel, oh that's interesting. I think that's right, that they do not have extensive resources in terms of being able to throw a coding sub-team at this or that model for target hardware. So they should take the "short jumps," i.e. add an additional PowerMac variant here, and an additional eMac variant there.

    MorphOS made the decision long ago to try to survive on second-hand Apple Mac PPC hardware, and it seems to be working okay, so I don't think I'm proposing anything strange: just expand the range. The Team can still have a long-term plan for new hardware of some kind.

    As for this X1000, good for its marketers and the whole OS4 crowd. I saw an unboxing and power up video from someone in USA who received one. It booted right up. I don't know anything about its compatibility and stability beyond that, what can one actually do with it, but I can see the specs are high high high. Unfortunately so's the pricing I've heard floated from more than one source. Maybe it'll come down if the machine is successful.
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