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    This is a funny thread, with performance comparisons and mine is better than yours. Well just for the record Aros on my 3.1ghz AMD is faster than the lot of you, but I defer to the fact that MorphOS is the most advanced shipping OS of all three at the moment, but heh competition is good for the soul and improvements to all. I can say this as I finally have AmigaOS 4.1 :-)

    I am just waiting to for MorphOS on powerbook because I had a short but great time on my eMac which I gave to a developer. I bought a powerbook for my daughters studies for £53 (60 euros) for 1.33ghz and have upped it to 2gb and it is a nice machine for her graphics studies. My point being that I can get a lovely little MorphOS machine for around £100 ish with 1.67ghz processor and display. Hurry up I am really looking forward to it. At least I will not have my camera gagged by NDA :-)

    Finally, to me, having the Amiga logo is good for new users but not to those in the know. I intend getting Aros on the Rasberry Pi over time and at least attract new users to the Amiga way again.

    Anyway, I have an X1000 which is very nice but my awesome Aros machine with GTX460 is really cool at the moment, as well as my little Aspire one. I just want my MorphOS laptop so come on forget porting to X1000 and finish the Powerbook and then port to Arm :-)
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