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    Well I thought you wanted clarifications to my comments of "insanity" regarding the X1000, so I gave it to you. Maybe it was tl;dr so here is the shorter explanation: I think the whole Church of Hyperion that has been going on the last decade is insane. I think the trade mark obsession is insane. I think shifting products through AW.net moderation; "editing the reality" to suit the OS4/AmigaOne agenda that we saw in the past (but maybe we are about to see it again?) is insane. It's not a hobby, it's a cult, a sect, with almost religious undertones. That's insane as well. All that insanity boils down to what we see today; to the X1000. It's built with that insanity as its very ground, it simply *couldn't exist* without it. I think it's insane that someone actually sells PPC motherboards today, with 2007 level technology and performance. But I think it's *even more insane* that people actually buys it, and actually pay, what, $3,000 for it! I simply can't fathom that, it's inconceivable to me, it lacks all logic and reason. But again, you do whatever "Hobby" you want to do with your money, burn them in the back yard, or buy a X1000. As long as you are happy, have fun with it. Drag some screens, play some A500 games with the bundled UAE, do whatever. I will keep thinking it's insane though, a complete and inexcusable misuse of money. If you feel offended by that, or insulted, then I'm sorry, but it's the way I see it...
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