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    Cost has nothing to do with the speed of a system. Specially if you are comparing used gear to new hardware.

    Dave, that statement sounds illogical. Usually someone would expect expensive new hardware to be faster than 10 year old hardware. We aren't comparing apples to oranges here, it is apples to apples PPC platform (no pun intended). It is all PPC. We all came from the same place, classic Amiga. By and large, we are all running the exact same software and often the exact same executables.


    As I have said too many times before. Promote MorphOS with positive actions and not by belittling other people, or their choices. MorphOS should be good enough to stand on it's own merits, without having to disrespect anything, or anyone else.

    (not that I found your post in particular that offensive, but it is the general attitude of MorphOS users that I am trying to change, so we can attract more users and developers and get more software

    (Not all specifically directed at you)
    It is human nature to make comparisons and have a lively discussion. That is why message boards like this exist. I get it, some people want hardware that will run OS4 no matter what the cost. God bless, I am not insulting them personally for their purchase. Everyone was fine with speed comparisons when it looked like the X1000 had a lead. Once it turned out the benchmark data was wrong, people started getting sensitive. About the Sam460/X500 speed, I am really stunned how poorly it performed. That doesn't mean I am calling people idiots for buying it, their purchase not mine.

    It isn't attacking or offensive to make comparisions. What I do find poor form is trying to bury and censor valid data, common sense or opinions in order to promote such an expensive product. Again, not saying you do that but we do know who is trying to do it. At a certain site it seems like 2002 all over. In the past it was "trolling" and "FUD" to state that the A1SE was borked, then USB and DMA on other A1. Now mentioning that SMP is not coming anytime soon is "FUD" and "trolling" and it seems benchmarks too will soon be "trolling". I like my reality real :-)
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