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    As for the benchmark competition, the motives of both sides are understandable to me. MorphOS user want to assure themselves of still running the fastest hard-/software combination (yet to me there's no point in posting MOS 3.0 benchmarks for they are irrelevant since it's not publicly available) and X1000 customers need reasons to justify their purchase. (Those justifications are, as in every other purchase done out of more emotional reasons than rational ones, made up after the purchase and will not succumb to reasoning but vary and adapt, as the buyer needs his weltanschuung to remain straight by solving cognitive dissonances.)

    And about J-Lo, first of all it would be interesting to know how many minors are on this board and secondly explicit adult websites are more or less available for them as well. I wonder how much harm was done. Those comments I joined in may have been immature but were meant to be humorous.

    I am happy for AOS 4 users to have new hardware. I also wanted one when it was announced some time ago, but then the delay and pricing made me discover MOS. Now I'm here and just as happy.

    A bit of tongue-in-cheek rivalry is nothing bad, I think. And cooperation where cooperation is due!
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