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    I still remain a huge supporter of MorphOS and believe that it is still superior to OS4.x, but I have hopes that OS4 will continue to improve in the coming months and years ahead. I also hope that MorphOS continues to improve and move forward, because if OS4.x should ever catch or surpass MorphOS in capabilities, speed and features, I am not sure MorphOS could still survive. (probably not a popular thing to write on this forum, but since it is not likely to happen, I don't think anyone here need worry about it.)


    I think we should do as you have done, personal sacrifice to help the MOS community. We have a very special OS with lots of wonderful features. 3.0 will breath lots of fresh air into the scene for us, and we might all be surprised how many new users we pick up. I have lots of ex Amiga now Mac guys that will buy MOS for their PB's for the fun of using an Amiga like system on their HW. There is a lot of Amiga users that went to Mac in the mid to late 90's that are a real target market we still can bring back. The biggest problem as I see it, is just finding the time to push the OS and finding old Amiga buddies that still have spare time to enjoy MOS.
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