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    I would love to be able to run MorphOS and OS4 on my X1000 some day, but I am pretty sure it will never happen and I am okay with that result.

    Even if I could raise enough money to donate a free X1000 to 4 or 5 members of the MorphOS Dev. Team, I doubt they would agree to port MorphOS to it, or if they did, they would not release it for sale to anyone else. Something about supporting hardware that has OS4 bundled with it seems to make such a port impossible, and I think we all have read some of the reasons for that attitude at one time or another in the past.

    So, no MorphOS for X1000 ever and I can live with that. Many MorphOS users are still interested in the X1000 hardware just out of curiosity, not because they would ever buy one. Not many MorphOS users are as crazy as I am. Impossible to explain the feelings that led me to purchase it, as it is definitely out of my price range and I could have used the money elsewhere very easily. At my age money just isn't as important any more though, so I am quite happy with my purchase of the First Contact X1000 computer. I never bought a new Commodore Amiga when they were being produced. Closest I came to that was getting a NOS CD32 from China, the last New NTSC A1200 that AmigaKit had in stock that they were selling (they had one more for their own use for testing third party hardware on), and buying a brand new, unopened CDTV from Carl Sassenrath at the 2010 AmiWest Show. Even though this is an AmigaOne, not a Commodore Amiga, it still "feels good" to be buying one of the first publicly available NG computer systems designed solely to run OS4.x. I don't recommend it for everyone, and doubt that hardly anyone on this forum will understand, or agree with my decision, or copy my actions, but that is also okay with me. I don't expect anyone here to agree with me.

    I still remain a huge supporter of MorphOS and believe that it is still superior to OS4.x, but I have hopes that OS4 will continue to improve in the coming months and years ahead. I also hope that MorphOS continues to improve and move forward, because if OS4.x should ever catch or surpass MorphOS in capabilities, speed and features, I am not sure MorphOS could still survive. (probably not a popular thing to write on this forum, but since it is not likely to happen, I don't think anyone here need worry about it.)
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