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    > I inclined to believe that only some of these are functional
    > processor. Even without an FPU and an MMu a 75Mhx 68060 is a
    > good buy at $16.50. The $3.50 components are less likely to
    > be functional.

    Yes, that they'd send you MC68EC060FE75 chips is the most positive assumption. The most negative one is that you'd just get bricks ;-) It would be interesting to know what the NatAmi Team paid for the "MC68060FE133" labelled chips two years ago as those are at least functional and tested at up to 80 MHz.

    > As far as I know, most Amiga's don't come with a MMU.
    > That lack of an FPU is more serious.

    All 060 accelerator boards for Amiga come with an MMU. And all of them except one (75 MHz version of the Apollo 1260, i.e. with LC060) come with an FPU. Lack of FPU means you can't use 060 optimized software that requires an FPU but must resort to soft float 020 or 030 builds in such cases.
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