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    Latest quote on price of fake 68K processors:

    >Dear friend ,

    How are you today ?

    I am glad to have the chance to help you , and our parts' details are as follongs :

    MC68060FE133 MOT QFP 2008+ROHS 100PCS $16.18/pcs new original in stock

    If you have any questions,please be feel free to contact me at your any time , I will try my best to help you , our company worked in this field for a long time ,and we have a lot of stocks ,so we can ship the parts to you at any time if you like .and also we can give a long warranty for all the parts we sold out .

    If you have any questions ,please be feel free to contact me at your any time .

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon .

    Thanks and best regards !

    FC Contract Electronics LTD
    7/11 Minerva Road
    Park Royal
    NW10 6HJ United Kingdom
    NW10 6HJ
    TEL: +0044 2088167805

    FAX +0044 8445045173


    Skype :deliafccel


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