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    > Anyone got an idea what this microprocessor is and what its specs are?

    I've been very sceptical regarding this 'MC68060FE133' ever since I came across this designation on the NatAmi website and found that there're East Asian vendors offering a chip labelled like that. What's been revealed by NatAmi Team members to date is that it's not a real 68060 but a 68EC060, i.e. neither MMU nor FPU present. My suspicion has been that it's more like a relabelled MC68EC060RC75 or MC68EC060ZU75, but in a QFP package instead of PGA or TBGA, so in fact an MC68EC060FE75. There's some mention of this chip there:


    ...and some mention of the MC68LC060FE75 (i.e. no FPU but with MMU):


    1.5 years ago I asked BigGun whether they actually tested this alleged 133 MHz chip at more than 80 MHz (let alone 133 MHz):

    http://www.amiga-news.de/de/news/comments/239540.html (German)

    This question of mine went unanswered while he very much answered all other questions that occured in that thread before and after.
    This was 2 to 3 months after they put the following pictures online, so I assumed he could answer my question:


    So far I still think it's a faked chip designation, i.e. a 75 MHz chip that may or may not be overclockable to 133 MHz (doubtful).
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