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    Nonetheless, Power Architecture in the devkits means the final hardware will be based on Power Architecture as well.

    Indeed that's highly probable, I'm sure we'll know in time (it's a *long* time to "late of 2013").

    AFAIK, both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 devkits are based on Intel x86/Windows to be used in combination with the console HW. But what if the console HW isn't there yet? The development cycle of a new game is often several years, thus the development of the games that should be present upon launch of the platform needs to be developed way ahead. Playstation 3 games were shown running before the PS3 HW was ready:

    "Sony officially unveiled the PlayStation 3 (then marketed as PLAYSTATION 3) to the public on May 16, 2005 at the E3 2005 conference, along with a 'boomerang' shaped prototype design of the Sixaxis controller. A functional version of the system was not present there, nor at the Tokyo Game Show in September 2005, although demonstrations (such as Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots) were held at both events on software development kits and comparable personal computer hardware."

    I'm not saying it won't be PPC/Power based, only that the architecture per se is more interesting to the tool chain developers than to the games developers, and *if* the new Xbox would turn out to be yet another fruit of the Microsoft/nVidia cooperation on ARM, then the new "killer games" to sell the platform needs to be developed *now*, while the CPU simply isn't finished so there is no way that a devkit using this CPU could be provided at this time, simply because it doesn't exist yet, so it would have to be something different, but preferably something with similar specifications (like RISC, many registers, etc).

    Again, just speculating here of course and only hypothetical in any way, but fact is that it kind of coincides with nVidia launching its "x86 killer" ARM chips (sometime in 2013), there would be many benefits of using them (not only technological), and *there is* this statement that "current devkits will not mirror the final hardware".

    Let me turn it around to you, and ask the question: If *you* would be using the nVidia "Denver" (to be released in 2013) in your next games console, a good selection of games need to be ready within one and a half year of time from now, a devkit needs to be released about now, and the devkit needed a year or so by itself to be developed, how would *you* have done it a year ago (or whatever time it takes to develop a devkit)?


    Some people think that "16 cores" really means 16 threads, i.e. 4 cores with 4 threads each etc.

    Yeah I read the comments (some of them are quite funny BTW, but comments on these kind of pages usually are ;-)), but I think my question still remains though...?
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