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    >>>> I wouldn't be entirely surprised if Microsoft and nVidia already have
    >>>> something ARM-based cooking for the new Xbox though.

    >>> A week ago rumours to that effect (sans the "nVidia" part) have started
    >>> to circulate: [...]
    >>> http://msnerd.tumblr.com/post/12233928364/clarity

    >> Well, it makes perfect sense, it fits well within all the communicated and/or
    >> rumored timetables, and goes totally in line with everything they have done
    >> and announced this far, so I think it's a very credible rumor!

    > There're also rumours to the opposite effect, not mentioning ARM at all:
    > "the chip itself is a little bit grey in areas. [...] IBM is also involved,
    > so eDRAM is very likely, something our sources are all confirming.
    > This means the CPU is very likely to be a PowerPC of one sort
    > or other too. Then again, [...] there are strong and credible rumors
    > of it being an AMD x86 core ala Trinity. In any case more
    > SemiAccurate moles are still saying PowerPC, that architecture
    > makes much more sense here."
    > http://semiaccurate.com/2011/12/05/exclusive-xbox-next-chip-just-taped-out/

    "Sources close to Xbox World magazine have revealed that Durango’s devkit features a “monster” 16-core IBM PowerPC CPU"
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