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    Yay for ARM devices locked to run only Windows 8!


    The Certification Requirements (for Windows 8) define a "custom" secure boot mode, in which a physically present user can add signatures for alternative operating systems to the system's signature database, allowing the system to boot those operating systems.

    But for ARM devices, Custom Mode is prohibited: "On an ARM system, it is forbidden to enable Custom Mode. Only Standard Mode may be enable." [sic] Nor will users have the choice to simply disable secure boot, as they will on non-ARM systems: "Disabling Secure Boot MUST NOT be possible on ARM systems."

    Between these two requirements, any ARM device that ships with Windows 8 will never run another operating system, unless it is signed with a preloaded key or a security exploit is found that enables users to circumvent secure boot

    I'm not sure if it's actually as bad (but very close) as it initially sounds, I think other operating systems MIGHT be allowed - as long as they are pre-installed besides Windows 8 before shipping to customers. Good luck getting MorphOS (or anything besides Android) through.

    Of course this didn't come THAT long after Microsoft trying to convince that "the customer is in control of their PC." (without telling, whether the "customer" is end user, or device manufacturer. So even some X86 systems might be locked)
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