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    > Marvell Sheeva PJ4: 2.4

    Marvell has released the new Sheeva PJ4B core delivering 2.6 DMIPS per MHz and thus superseding ARM's Cortex-A9 core.

    (in this SoC interestingly coupled with ARM Ltd's NEON SIMD in addition to Marvell's usual WMMX SIMD)

    So this is the new revised list:

    ARM Cortex-A7: 1.9
    ARM Cortex-A8: 2.0
    Qualcomm Scorpion: 2.1
    Marvell Sheeva PJ4: 2.4
    ARM Cortex-A9: 2.5
    Marvell Sheeva PJ4B: 2.6
    Qualcomm Krait: 3.3
    ARM Cortex-A15: 3.5
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