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    Multi-core Power6? Wow! How accurate do you think that document is?

    If it was POWER6 based it would not really be a POWER6 in any meaningful way. POWER6 added all sorts of on-chip stuff that is completely useless for a console.

    I think it's more likely to be based on the A2 used in the wire-speed chip, the A2 appears to be based on the PPE from Cell / Xenon.

    POWER6 is better on general purpose stuff than the PPE but that's not very important in games.

    The FLOPS numbers are weird, it works out at 12.7 instructions per cycle. Rather more likely is a slightly different clock speed. At 3.66GHz it works out to be 12 instructions per cycle - the same as the PPE.

    The double precision FLOPS are the same but why on earth would you want such DP power in a console?

    Rest of it sounds fairly plausible.
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