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    Just to be different, I'll say something on-topic (-:

    It was computex this week and a load of ARMs were launched, confirmed or shown off.

    TI announced a new OMAP with dual core 1.8GHz Cortex-A9s
    Nvidia were showing off their Kal-el quad core A9 chip.
    Qualcomm are sampling their new chip soon, it's another dual core but it goes up to 2.5 GHz. It's also a new microarchitecture - There's very little details but given their claims it sounds like it'll be something similar to the Cortex-A15.

    Currently the A9 is in PPC G4 territory performance wise.
    The 1.8GHz A9s should put them up against the G5s and it looks like ARM beating all the G5s could be maybe only a year away.

    Then there's Nvidia's project Denver at the end of next year which sounds like it'll be more in the range of current desktops.

    It's gonna get very interesting in the next year or so...
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