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    >The rumour article I quoted says that Sony wants to use the PS4's Cell also in notebooks and in TVs. So if this new Cell is going to have a trimmed POWER core and will be in notebooks and TVs then that would mean (some) usage in consumer oriented products. But as you might have noticed, these are no less then three ifs: 1. Will the PS4 really use a Cell? 2. If it'll use a Cell, will its PPE really be derived from POWER? 3. If it's a Cell with a POWER(-derived) PPE, will it really be used in notebooks and TVs?

    Sony has made statements that might be interpreted as indicating that the design would be more evolutionary (rather then revolutionary). As such a Cell seems likely. But a Power derived Cell is a complete unknown. Therefore, whatever else they use it in could but may not be Power related.

    >> Do you think we might see a return to the desktop

    >No, not in a scale that would generally be understood as a return (to what we had with the POWER4-derived PPC970).

    But Sony's potential use in computing devices would be, at least, a small return.

    >> or use in devices like the PS4?

    >Yes, I think a new Cell in the PS4 might have a trimmed POWER PPE. But that's really just speculation.

    I'm beginning to get that impression as well. Considering the timel ine mentioned for introduction, the next Cell processor used in the PS4 could easily benefit from IBM's developments.
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