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    I've heard the 3 core IBM Wii2 a few times now. Sounds perfectly plausible.

    Sony recently said they're not spending as much on the PS4 development so if anything that points to a new version of Cell. Anything else means they'll have to rewrite everything and that'll be rather expensive.

    Adding a second Cell, upping the RAM and updating the GPU is the easiest option technology wise and gives them backwards compatibility. At 32nm they can probably up the clock quite a bit as well. IBM already had better Cell tech in the works so it could be a better version of Cell. IBM didn't stop Cell development (they publicly canned one chip and everyone thought Cell was dead). They had been working on a 32SPE + 4 PPE chip with the PPEs based on a POWER7 core. Don't know what happened to it but they said they were merging Cell with something else, presumably POWER.
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