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    > Its is questionable.

    Yes, highly. But apparently takemehomegrandma doesn't think so. At least he actively chose not to retract or qualify his claim.

    > Later ARM design, as your figure pointed out, clearly would be competitive.

    Yes, that's why I didn't challenge the "i.MX51", "i.MX53" and "Tegra 2" parts of takemehomegrandma's claim. It's obvious that those chips are not only competitive but outperform the MPC5121e. And btw, I didn't say Tegra 1 was not competitive compared to the MPC5121e. What I said was that I doubt that Tegra 1 "performs much better than" MPC5121e. That's not the same statement, as something that isn't much better wouldn't have to be worse. It can very well be only slightly better or about on par.

    > with the A15 coming soon.

    "Soon" as in "in 1.5+ years" ;-) Btw, Qualcomm announced Krait sampling for Q2/2011, so while probably not quite as fast as Cortex-A15 it should be there way earlier and still be faster than Cortex-A9.
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