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    > I wonder why, if he was going to compare PPC and ARM processors,
    > he did choose to compare the CPUs used in the Efikas?

    He didn't. He compared the MPC5121e (which is not used in any Efika) to i.MX51, i.MX53, Tegra 1 and Tegra 2 because he was talking about netbooks and nettops at this point. In fact, it's quite reasonable to compare these chips for those particular types of applications. Nothing wrong with that as there's currently no better integrated PPC chip than the MPC5121e for such purposes. What I found (and still find) debatable though was his following claim that "all of those ARM chips performs much better than" the MPC5121e as I think that might not be true for the ARM11 based Tegra 1. That's why I asked him for evidence regarding the "Tegra 1" part of his claim specifically.
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