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    >- 1 x GPS (Ex. Antenna),
    - 1x 3 Axis Accelerometer,
    - 1x 3 Axis Magnetometer,
    - 1x 3 Axis Gyrometer,
    - 1x Pressure sensor,

    Interesting added features on this one Andreas. Thanks Andreas.
    ARM Cortex-A15 really looks promising.

    I can understand your disagreement with takemehomegrandma. ARM11 is a much older, weaker performing platform.The ARM Cortex-A8 in the Efika MX would definitely be a better processor.
    I wonder why, if he was going to compare PPC and ARM processors, he did choose to compare the CPUs used in the Efikas?
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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