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    But keep in mind that MorphOS is no an OS very useful for phones. It is not secure per se and the UI is rather designed for the desktop.
    The arm-netbooks are another story. While MorphOS could shine on them in theory, their big success is long promised, but eventually at least very delayed.
    But okay, we discussed theoretical ISA switche backa and forth...

    Lets see Powerbook and G5 support first.

    But when this guy gets so much PR with his 25$ ARM stick, maybe it would be worthwhile to do something similar (probably a little bit more expensive though) with the 5125? Anyone some serious spare money to spend? Some expertise to bring in? I would join such an effort immediately. The 5125 is cheap, rather complete (sound is missing), probably similar powerful and energy efficient. C'mon - what we're waiting for :-)

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