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    When takemehomegrandma claimed two weeks ago in this very thread that an 800 MHz ARM11 core outperforms a 400 MHz e300c4 core I called him out on that. Needless to say that he has failed to provide evidence.

    I never said I was going to serve you with anything Andreas, so I haven't failed. It's all in your head, like so many other things, and I really wish you would keep it there. Your brains incapability to follow a discussion at large, and comprehend the essence of it, is notorious; all the time you seem to stumble and fall on the words a discussion is made of, with the result of you completely missing out on the discussion itself. You have showed this behavior in practically all threads you have taken part in, and this one as well. If your Asperger brain can't identify a pattern it can handle and process (preferably in the shape of some list of indexable details you can save as links) it tries to recompute it into a pattern it *can* handle and process (which probably will be some list of indexable details you can save as links), and then you will start discussing *this* instead of what was *really* being discussed... and yet another thread derails! Yet again! The ironic thing is that when people simply stops replying to your posts, you probably feel like you have "won" the discussion, and that you are right in your claims. You are actually showing signs of it here, in this very thread. But don't worry, I actually think all this (and you as a character as well) is highly amusing, and I honestly think that every community should have room for some originals, as it sure spices up the atmosphere...
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