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    With "MIPS" you mean "DMIPS", right? DMIPS performance of MPC5200B's e300c0 is only 4% less than that of e300c4, so they're about on par. 1800 DMIPS for 700 MHz would mean about 2.6 DMIPS per MHz for ARM11. That would be more than Cortex-A9 (2.5 DMIPS per MHz), so very unlikely. Where do you have that figure from? According to ARM Ltd. the ARM11 core delivers about half that performance, namely between 1.18 and 1.54 DMIPS per MHz (depending on the specific type of ARM11 core) and thus between 826 and 1078 DMIPS at 700 MHz.

    Somewhere I read 2600 DMIPS for 1 GHz and drew my conclusion for the 700MHz chip. Sorry, messed up values, since the 2600 was not the 1GHz 1core version, but for some 4 core version. Had only a quick look (and false) look regarding computing power for this chip yet. I now also read about ~1.2 DMIPS/MHz. Well, with DMIPS values like that the device is of course still highly interesting and impressive for that little money, but not that otally blowing as I first thought - i.e. it then seems rather on par with e300/400. The inbuild powerful video codec is a very nice feature though of course.

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