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    takemehomegrandma, Which one of PPC and ARM do *you* think has the brightest future (in a 5-10 year perspective)?

    What option do you think would be the best for MorphOS, provided the developers wants to keep going for another 5-10 years:
    1) Stay forever on PPC
    2) Migrate to ARM (doesn't necessarily mean abandoning PPC)
    3) Migrate to x86 (doesn't necessarily mean abandoning PPC)


    Well, I am not Andreas, but I pick up this question as well: I think it is difficukt to say how the future will be. I am almost sure x86 will rule the average desktop market for the years to come. User'S don't have many convincing reasons to switch isa. They use x86 now and they will continue to do so. It is a thing of convenience and laziness and experinence (never change a running system). I think ARM wil *not* challenge teh desktop market.
    But in server and business computer land ARM may get some serious market share with the windows port.
    Anyway, what's for MorphOS to do then?
    I think the only cpu that *for sure* will stay in desktop country is x86. Sinc new ppc desktop gear is rather unlikely in the coming few years I would favor a switch to x86 following roughly what I outlined here: https://morph.zone/modules/newbb_plus/viewtopic.php?topic_id=6570&forum=3&post_id=66869#66869

    Thing is, if Freescale does it and ships the QorIQ Altivec chips and somehow a general purpose board for a not too insane price appears I'd suggest keep ppc. It is not because I think ppc is the holy grail or such, but because MorphOS is small and the developers have limited resources only. An ISA switch may be too demanding for the given man power.
    All in all I think ARM is not the best choice for MorphOS. It would be trading one niche for the next one. If changing the ISA becomes unevitable eventually, then better chose the most popuar ISA. And for desktop computers that is - and will be - without any doubt x86 (for the next couple of years at least). I am willing to bet quite some serious money that it will be no prob to buy an x86 compatible general purpose/desktop computer in 2025. But I do have my concerns about an ARM based comparable machine in that regard though. ARM may or may not be successful in desktop land, x86 just is.

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