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    > I'm not going to let you derail yet another fine thread

    Trying to be funny again? This thread was dead since January. I tried to exhume it in February, in March and now in May again. This latest attempt of mine from three days ago seems to have been successful. So it doesn't make sense to say that I derailed this thread when in fact I'm the one who resurrected it, but then such claim fits your other nonsense claims very well. (And btw, what does "yet another" refer to specifically?)

    > with your inability to discuss whats really being discussed

    That's rich coming from someone who suddenly talks about "what's available from Intel and AMD" in a discussion about ARM and how it compares to PPC.

    > instead of marking words out of context.

    That's rich coming from someone who misquotes me with "Yes, a fair comparison ... POWER7" when in fact I said the exact opposite.

    > it's way too much text.

    Much nonsense induces much rectification as well as many questions you're probably not going to answer anyway.

    > it's off topic anyway.

    You didn't even read (or comprehend?) what I wrote but say it's off topic? Interesting. Let me list some points of our dispute that are clearly connected to the topic of ARM and thus on-topic in this thread by definition:

    1. You claim that ARM was originally designed for other purposes than desktop computing. This is false. ARM was originally designed for desktop computing and nothing else.
    2. You claim that ARM11 outperforms e300c4 but fail to back up that claim.
    3. You say you think that your Efika MX outperforms an equally clocked Sam440 but so far refuse to perform actual testing.
    4. You claim that generally ARM "most often comes out on top in comparisons (performance, features, etc)" compared to PPC. Such statement doesn't make sense without specifying a particular application.
    5. You claim that ARM beats PPC in "Home servers/NAS units" but fail to back up that claim (or even to define what you mean by "beat", could be performance, numbers, revenue or anything).
    6. You don't want to admit that Freescale's public i.MX roadmap from April 2010 was nothing but a bad joke and was recognizable as exactly that from April 2010 on.
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