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    ...wasn't really the issue here.


    Yes, a fair comparison ... POWER7


    Most people in this community who casually makes comparisons of various CPU platforms, usually does that based on one single point of view; Traditional Desktops. Like Crumb and Jim above. Because in their view, this is what Amiga/MorphOS is about. Problem is that nobody has been developing PPC desktop CPU's since 2007. x86 is the only desktop CPU today, so when desktop-oriented guys makes casual comparisons about architectures, it all really sums up to what's available from Intel and AMD. A new, viable, competitive PPC based desktop motherboard will *never, ever* be seen again! PowerPC has been "reduced" to be application CPU's after Apple moved away from the architecture, which is what ARM has been from the beginning. This is where these two architectures compete today (if anywhere), in various specific applications, not on a general desktop arena, because PPC simply isn't there anymore (even if some people tends to think so, based on the second hand mac market or whatever) and ARM hasn't got there yet (but is about to).

    So if the application is, for example Nettop's and Netbooks, then the PPC camp would probably put forward the 5121e, and the ARM camp could choose from, say, the i.MX51, i.MX53, Tegra 1 or Tegra 2. All of those ARM chips performs much better than the PPC and has far better features. One other of the the target application areas of the mobileGT 5121e is automotive infotainment, but I'll tell you what - many car manufacturers are working with ARM and Android now for exactly this area. Many of Freescale's ARM CPU directly targets applications previously owned by PPC. So yes - they do compete, and ARM most often comes out on top in comparisons (performance, features, etc). Home servers/NAS units are other kinds of consumer applications where ARM would compete (and beat) PPC, and then there are *numerous* of embedded areas as well.

    POWER7 doesn't really fit the picture...


    Freescale ... nonsense roadmap

    Freescale is obviously at least a year behind the competition in the ARM market; while various companies are now pushing Cortex-A9 CPU's, Freescale is only now pushing their i.MX53 which is still Cortex-A8 (albeit faster than i.MX51 in many ways). But to suggest that Freescale wouldn't have a future planned for their i.MX effort is nonsense; this would probably be their most important segment now for potential growth. Roadmaps are snapshots of how future plans look at that moment in time, nothing else, and future targets are *moving* targets, so much can change after such a snap shot has been taken, so they are only relevant for a limited amount of time. Your whole perception of reality seems to be based on links and web references, but that gives a very poor view of the reality, and it's a good thing that at least Genesi isn't relying on linked images on websites to get info; they are friends with the people who are making those road maps in the first place, so they (and others) have a better source or info... :-)


    > If a new version of "LimePC" will follow

    I wasn't talking about new versions but about the *current* ones that you chose to neglect in your previous statement on "consumer products based on PPC".

    You don't understand why I choose to neglect it, do you? I choose to neglect it because it's *painfully irrelevant* and not because I don't know about it, so there is no need for you to try to "enlighten" me. It's a parenthesis at best. Or rather: it *was* a parenthesis, it's quite old now and nothing new based on PPC followed it, so you know what - I'll happily *continue* to neglect it and stick to my statement that nobody is building any (for MorphOS) interesting products based on PPC, and nobody will do it in the future either.
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