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    > Which one of PPC and ARM do *you* think has the brightest future
    > (in a 5-10 year perspective)?

    If you're talking about desktop computing and brighter (not brightest) future then I'm inclined to say this would be ARM, considering recent developments and announcements.

    > What option do you think would be the best for MorphOS, provided
    > the developers wants to keep going for another 5-10 years:
    > 1) Stay forever on PPC
    > 2) Migrate to ARM (doesn't necessarily mean abandoning PPC)
    > 3) Migrate to x86 (doesn't necessarily mean abandoning PPC)

    I would want to keep backwards compatibility (to m68k at least), thus option #3 is out for sure. Whether I consider option #2 viable depends on the answer to a yet unanswered question about a certain feature of current (or future) ARM processors which would be required for backwards compatibility reasons:


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