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    > (in fact, not a single one of them) has the ambition
    > to be the fastest CPU on the planet

    One could get the impression that POWER7 is very close wouldn't it have strong in-house competition from z196 ;-)

    > Jim's statement that "Current ARM processors, in their current state of
    > development, still aren't as powerful as PPCs" doesn't really hold ground

    Yes, a fair comparison is not that trivial. Best performing ARM processors currently are based on cores implementing ARMv7-A ISA (i.e. ARM Cortex-A9, Qualcomm Scorpion, Marvell Sheeva PJ4) and it's clear that their performance is only a fraction of POWER7's (which is best performing PPC currently) performance. But for a fair comparison we'd have to take also wattage and price into account, calculating ratios like performance per wattage or performance per price.

    > The i.MX family has long lasting road map

    Like the 4+ GHz quad-core Cortex-A9 based i.MX63 processor for 2011? ;-) I'm glad Freescale removed this nonsense roadmap from its website.

    > the "mobileGT" kind of reached its end station there and then
    > (in the context we are speaking about at least)

    Don't tell that to Zylesea. He says he'd like to have a cheap product based on MPC5125 (yes, in the context we are speaking about here):


    > If a new version of "LimePC" will follow

    I wasn't talking about new versions but about the *current* ones that you chose to neglect in your previous statement on "consumer products based on PPC".
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