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    Of course. Current PPCs scale from as low as 40 MHz ;-)

    Which kind of was my point - there are a great deal of flavors of *current* PPC and ARM chips, and since not all of them (in fact, not a single one of them) has the ambition to be the fastest CPU on the planet, but rather be a suitable solution for a certain application, then Jim's statement that "Current ARM processors, in their current state of development, still aren't as powerful as PPCs" doesn't really hold ground; there are *many* areas where *current* ARM CPU's can (and does) compete with *current* PPC CPU's, of which the CPU used in LimePC is a very good example of! Genesi jumped to i.MX as soon as their LimePC developments with THTF crashed and burned, and I don't think they have regretted that one single second. The i.MX family has long lasting road map, the "mobileGT" kind of reached its end station there and then (in the context we are speaking about at least); if more CPU's will follow in that series, they probably *won't* be anything you could use to make a "LimePC 2" of. If a new version of "LimePC" will follow, it will definitely be based on ARM, not PPC... :-)
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