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    > I actually think my Efika MX would kick at least Sam440's butt.

    Rather than guessing why not perform some benchmark tests between your 800 MHz Efika MX and an 800 MHz Sam440? I'd be interested in the results. But mind you, the Cortex-A8 is just an in-order execution core whereas the PPC440 can operate out-of-order.

    > There are numerous other PPC CPU's that certainly would get a fight as well.

    Of course. Current PPCs scale from as low as 40 MHz ;-)

    > Nobody is building consumer products based on PPC anymore
    > that you could surf on, chat on, use e-mail on, edit your photos
    > on, etc. There are no more PPC PC's or laptops.

    THTF/MTC ceased production of LimePC devices based on PPC? I ask because they still offer those in their web stores:

    And also Cherrypal:
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