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    64bit ARM is about two years into the future

    Well, "the future" is kind of the essence of this thread, not the past, not the current! ;-)


    Current ARM processors, in their current state of development, still aren't as powerful as PPCs.

    Nobody has ever claimed that there aren't faster PPC CPU's than what's currently available from ARM, but I actually think my Efika MX would kick at least Sam440's butt. Especially so when they get the SW properly tuned. There are numerous other PPC CPU's that certainly would get a fight as well. And does Cortex A9 (multi core (up to 4), 2GHz+) count as "current"? Well, at least there are products out based on the Tegra 2, and Apple has its A5 used in iPad 2, both will probably put a great deal of PPC CPU's to shame.

    Nobody is building consumer products based on PPC anymore that you could surf on, chat on, use e-mail on, edit your photos on, etc. There are no more PPC PC's or laptops. I have two ARM based devices in my possession (Efika MX Smartbook, and Smarttop) who both does that just fine. And look how well Windows 8 and MS Office performs on *current* (not future) ARM HW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKc_XGuvNIk (FF to 1:10 into the clip)


    Where the future will lead is anyone's guess, but for the time being ARM is no threat to PPCs or X86 processors.

    ...currently no (and neither PPC nor x86 is currently no threat to ARM processors), but point is, ARM *will* challenge x86 on its traditional markets (it will kind of start with the release of Windows 8, not with the release of "Denver"/"Tegra 5"), and frankly, I have very difficult to see x86 challenge ARM on its traditional markets. And this is what Jen-Hsun Huang says; ~ "ARM will be the only CPU that will exist in *all* those segments".
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