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    > nobody really knows until it gets public.

    Yes, that's exactly what I wanted to convey. You say the next generation gaming consoles probably won't be based on PPC whereas others claim to know the Wii's successor will be based on PPC. We'll know more about that in less than 4 weeks time.

    > why not a Xbox handheld as well while you're at it, using the
    > same ISA, with all the latest wireless stuff included...?

    I'm not aware of any announcements or even rumours regarding an "Xbox handheld". Wait, you just started it ;-)

    > in the context of this thread [...] it's completely irrelevant.

    Yes, as irrelevant as "boring embedded gadgets and cars". Yet you mentioned it. I just corrected you on your claim regarding "all applications that's left for" PPC as you swept three of the true applications Crumb mentioned under the table.

    > Likewise in the context of Crumb's post to which I replied.

    ...and claimed that of the applications he mentioned only "boring embedded gadgets and cars" were "all applications that's left for" PPC.

    > denying the fast expansion of ARM and the buzz surrounding
    > it because of PPC still being used doesn't make sense.

    Yes, that's why I don't do this.

    > Crumb [...] said that PPC is big in cars and consoles [...]
    > and PC's [...] and Servers [...] today.

    ...and supercomputers ;-)

    > If so, that would make his statement quite true, right?

    Yes, it's just that I neither responded to Huang's statement nor to Crumb's response to Huang's statement but to your incorrect claim about "all applications that's left for" PPC.
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