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    "01net also claims to know some of the technical specifications of the new console (translation from Develop): 'CPU is custom IBM PowerPC with three cores [...]'"

    Could very well be that also the next generations of game consoles will be based on some PPC derivate one more time, nobody really knows until it gets public. Rumors about everything are everywhere. I wouldn't be entirely surprised if Microsoft and nVidia already have something ARM-based cooking for the new Xbox though. And why not a Xbox handheld as well while you're at it, using the same ISA, with all the latest wireless stuff included...?


    You forgot gaming consoles, servers and supercomputers. Power Architecture is still big there currently. Whether ARM(64) will supersede Power Architecture there remains to be seen.

    And in the context of this thread (if ARM would be where MorphOS could go now that there are (and won't be) no more suitable PPC HW), it's completely irrelevant. Likewise in the context of Crumb's post to which I replied. *I know* that PPC and Power are still used today. But denying the fast expansion of ARM and the buzz surrounding it because of PPC still being used doesn't make sense. Crumb dismissed nVidia's chiefs words ("ARM is now the only CPU in the world that will have deep penetration in the mobile devices, the PC, servers and supercomputers.") as propaganda, and said that PPC is big in cars and consoles (none being an area addressed by Jen-Hsun Huang's statement) and PC's (Huh?! Where?) and Servers (Well, at least the POWER CPU's still have a market share for certain server segments) today. OK, but *it won't* compete with ARM in mobile devices, and neither will x86. Thus I think Jen-Hsun Huang's words may hold ground and shouldn't be dismissed as "propaganda" quite so easily; he may actually know what he is talking about regarding his own product development; if he says they will release CPU's that will compete with x86 in PC, server and supercomputer markets, chances are kind of good that they will do just that. If so, that would make his statement quite true, right?
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